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Video Intros

EDIHUB offers video intro editing services that enable businesses or companies to make their logo intros.

Video Intros

EDIHUB offers video intro editing services that enable businesses or companies to make their logo intros. Organizations can boost or make their business look impactful with professionally produced videos that augment brand identity and help share your company's story. EDIHUB's outsourcing model is built upon our core values of integrity, quality, security, and affordability. Our technological foundation with licensed video editing software and cutting-edge post-production infrastructure has enabled us to deliver high-quality videos each time every project.

As a leading video editing service provider, our editing team not only creates a presentable video intros but makes it engaging based on the target audience's taste and preferences. EDIHUB offers comprehensive video intro creation and video intro editing services to match the specific needs of your company based on the services, products, brand culture, and current marketing campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about corporate video intro creation or any of our corporate video editing services, contact us today.

The Range of Video Intro Services We Offer
Because we understand how important a video brochure can be for your marketing efforts, we offer custom video brochures matched to the specific needs of individual entrepreneurs or industries. Our services include:

Video Intro Creation
We analyze the services or product features you offer and then produce a high-quality video intro based on the specific needs of your target audience. We use a mix of photomontages of facilities and locations, employee audio recordings, management speeches, customer review recordings coupled with a concept color code and logo animations. All available communication material in print, audio, and video will be utilized and adapted to create a compressive video intro.

Video Brochure Editing
Video Brochure Editing - We offer full video intro editing services for companies in a range of industries as well, whether to update an existing intro or to create a new intro that highlights features of a new product or service you offer. We compile the latest information for your intro, edit animations, cue in a few client interviews, or redo the audio logos to get a fully customized and up-to-date video intro. We work in tandem with your marketing department or advertising agency to reduce costs and save time.

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